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Daily Outfit

Daily Outfit
Carly Jacobs


Today was really hot but seeing as I was up at 6am I was a little overdressed. Today I worked and bought the new copy Shop Til You Drop magazine. They have launched a website so click the link and check it out. Then I spent a lovely evening watching The Chaser and Summer Heights High with Mr Smaggle.

 * White dress from Big W

* Red cropped cardigan from SES

* Black plastic chain necklace from Itrip Iskip

* Black flats from Zu

* Aviators

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  1. x Corrine/Frock & Roll 15 years ago

    Fabulous, Lady Smaggle! You look gorgeous and your backdrop is picture perfection. I bought ‘Shop ‘Til You Drop’ last night, purely for the reason that if they’re superb enough to run a lesser-used celeb on their cover, they deserve my clams. Hope you’ve had a great week!

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