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Cleaning Up Your Budget and Creating Investment Habits with Victoria Devine

Cleaning Up Your Budget and Creating Investment Habits with Victoria Devine
Carly Jacobs

How are your finances looking?

It’s SUCH a loaded question and I hope I didn’t ruin your day. I feel like there are 3 money categories you can fall into. I Don’t Know (living fast loose), Medium (you have a basic superannuation plan and maybe some savings) and I Eat Stocks and Bonds for Breakfast (swims around in your vault of cash like Scrooge McDuck).

I feel like most Very Excellent Habiters fall into the Medium category. Like you have some savings, maybe you chuck some money in Raiz occasionally and your superannuation doesn’t make you want to cry. But could we be doing better?

This episode has been a long time coming I’ve been wanting to get Victoria Devine of She’s On The Money on the podcast for ages and in an incredibly serendipitous moment her PR person asked if I’d like to have her as I guest and I was like ‘Oh yes please!’. I love it when other people do my job for me.

Money is a big issue for well, pretty much everyone. The listenership of Very Excellent Habits is so varied – there are 20 somethings who want to get a head start on a good financial future, there are married people who want to build a secure future for their families, lots of women who don’t want to be financially dependant on a man, retired people who want to make the most of the money they have.

I’m not an expert in money at all – I mean I don’t totally suck but I’m certainly not qualified to give advice. This is why I got an expert in for this show and let me tell you she is one hell of an expert and quite frankly one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met.

Victoria is a financial advisor who focuses on giving millennials financial advice that’s appropriate for that generation. Her podcast She’s On The Money gets 85,000 downloads per episode which off chops. It’s a rad podcast you should definitely listen to it. She’s incredibly smart and practical but also extremely funny and relatable. The perfect combo if you think money is scary and boring.

In this episode, we talk about… 

English Sheepadoodles. I mean really.
– Earn, spend, own and owe – the four money buckets you should always know about
– How you can earn 45k per year and end up better off than someone who earns 250k per year
– Budgeting when you don’t have a regular income
– The 6 essential bank accounts you need in your life
– The worst financial advice being thrown around – it’s a toss up between Afterpay and Cryptocurrency
– The one thing you absolutely should not ignore when it comes to your finances

If you want to get your money sorted, this episode is for you.

You can listen here. 

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