Very Excellent Habits

Cheeky Friday

Today was indeed Cheeky Friday and the cheeky article of choice were my JIVE rings and black nail polish. I got the idea of the sparkle rings from the fabulous Miss Gala Darling over at ICiNG. She bought them from Girlprops  as did I. I got all my friends to vote which word to get and JIVE won. I am addicted now and I want CAKE and LADY too. Anyway the black nail polish and P. Diddy rings were the cheeky fashion item this Friday. 

I was expecting all kinds of weird stares and snide comments but as I answered the phone today my boss actually started laughing and saying how ‘fun’ she thought my rings were! It was so unexpected. I told her you could order them from Girlprops in gold or silver and she started talking about which one would look better with her skin tone. She then very seriously asked me to get her JAZZ the next time I order from there. She’s in her forties! How rad is that? And then another of the ladies in my office said how bright and cheerful I looked today. I was expecting to create a riot. I must admit  I was slightly disappointed at everyone’s enthusiasm because I quite like being a trouble maker but I have decided being a trend setter is even better. Thanks Gala Darling all the office lassies love you!

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