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The 9 Best Notebooks On Etsy

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‘m an absolute sucker for a brand new notebook. I love cracking the spine, smelling the clean pages and pressing my pen to the blank paper for the first time.

It gives me a major lady boner. I can barely leave Typo or Kikki K without buying a notebook but I don’t even care. I have stacks and stacks of unused ones in my house and I have every intention of adding to the collection so today I’ve put together a list of the 9 best notebooks on Etsy…

1. One Night Stand Notebook from Invisible Crown 

2. Rita Daily Pocket Notebook from Mossery Co 

3. Get Shit Done Notebook from Migoals

4. Metallic Gold Nature Notebook from Worthwhile Paper

5. Inkd Notebooks from SketchInc

6. Ava Notebook from Dozi

7. Pony Carousel Notebook from Dubo Dumo

 8. Soft Cover Book From Nuts for Paper

9. Gold Marbled Notebook from Arminho

I have to say I’m also a major sucker for a Moleskine. They’re just consistently awesome.

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Are you a massive notebook fiend? How many do you have on the go at the moment?


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