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A Few Things Happening With Us…

I thought it was about time for a life update from my little family, although there’s not much to update. No one is really doing much at the moment are they? It’s kind of nice and kind of not. It’s very neutral I reckon.

When I do updates, I always use this sweet template from Pip from Meet Me at Mike’s. Feel free to use it too just make sure you credit her.

2020 is half over and I can safely say that it hasn’t been the year we expected it to be. Here’s what my little fam have been up to.

Making – Sweaters! My Covid skill was learning to knit and I found a crocheters way of doing it called Continental. I’ve nailed it now and I’m churning out these sweaters – they’re really quick to make and super satisfying to knit. I reckon I’ll end up with ten of them at this rate. My two besties have each ordered one – one in olive and one in rust. So lovely!

Cooking – Real meat! We eat high fat low carb and got into a bad habit of relying on mince and sausages for a lot of our meals. We made a no processed meat pact about a month ago and we’ve been doing really well. We do a roast chook once a week, then make chicken soup from the carcass. We’re also eating lots of fish and meat-free meals too. The Ottolenghi book Simple is marvelous for veggies. We’ve been using it almost every day.

Drinking – Marsala tea from our local Indian Restaurant. We get takeaway there every Friday night (yep – every single Friday night – we get onion bhaji, keema mater and chicken tikka) and they’ve started making this delicious tea blend. It’s kind of like a spicy chai. We usually make takeaway cups of tea and drink it in the park while we watch Hattie play in the afternoons (before the playgrounds shut down that is) and for some reason, this has become our pre-dinner tea. Love it.

Reading – SO MANY BOOKS! I just read The Genius Factory for my Beechy Book Group and then read The Giver of Stars by JoJo Moyes. Both were great – check out @smaggle on Instagram for book reviews although I’m a touch behind at the moment.

Trawling – Op shops for chunky knits in natural fibers so I can do eco versions of the Strathcona sweater I love knitting. So hard to find! Will keep searching.

Wanting – To see my family. I know this hellscape has looked different for everyone but I can cope without cinemas, pubs and concerts for a while but I’m really not coping with being cut off from my family. I’m grateful we got a slight reprise which we took full advantage of but the border closure between VIC and NSW has me in a low level of permanent panic. It’s not good.

Looking – Forward to The Bannerwoman Book Club – my mum’s maiden name is Bannerman and this book group is any woman who is a descendant of, married to or best friends with a Bannerman. And we call ourselves the Bannerwomen. It’s mad fun – there are about 14 of us ranging in age from 25 to 80 plus. We read a book a month and have a group Facetime to discuss it. It’s a lovely way to see our family when we don’t know when we’ll next be able to visit them.

Deciding – What the hell to plant in our greenhouse – we built it last year and were thwarted by bushfires and Covid both of which made traveling/purchasing of plants difficult. Spring is about to spring and I don’t want to miss my opportunity!

Wishing – I could keep my plants healthy in winter – they look so sad! Any advice for keeping houseplants happy in a sub-alpine house that we don’t overheat? I’ve just moved them all to a warm/sunny window – hoping that will help.

Enjoying – The Bold Type – I’m currently binge-watching it on Stan and I’m really enjoying it. It’s not hard work, it’s very ‘woke’ as the young kids say. It’s set at a magazine in New York and it follows three friends who work there. My favourite thing is that the editor of the magazine is a strong, powerful woman who is also lovely and supportive of her staff. It’s so refreshing to see a female character in a position of power who is not portrayed as a total bitch. Love it.

Waiting – For our cloth masks to arrive! Face coverings just became mandatory in regional VIC and they’ve been sold out everywhere for weeks. I made a few but then I ran out of elastic so I texted my mother in law and begged her to make us some. My bestie has also made a few and I’ve ordered some from various places. Should be all set now!

Liking – Having family dinners at the table with our girl. She’s just transitioned out of her high chair and it was a real learning curve getting her to sit still in her chair but recently she’s really got the hang of it. It’s just so nice having a proper human child who sits and has dinner with us. I mean I LOVED the baby phase, don’t get me wrong but watching her skills emerge is just delightful. She even takes her plate over to the dishwasher and stacks it (very badly) when she’s done. Can’t even.

Wondering – If Harriet understands what pyjamas are. Like I’m sure she knows she wears different clothes to bed but does she really get it? Does she know the difference between cute clothes you wear in public and leisurewear? It’s all just so mind-blowing when you think about it.

Loving – Delivering cups of tea to Ben in the shed – he’s learning to weld so he spends most evenings in his shed and I bring him out a cup of tea. It’s always frosty and we can see our breath. We drink tea and look at the stars and marvel at our lovely, strange little life in a tiny country town. It’s very nice.

Pondering – A re-brand… watch this space.

Listening – Taylor Swift’s album Folklore and Shameless podcast.

Considering – Cutting my hair short again – Miranda July style. Although we just re-entered stage 3 lockdown so I reckon it will be a while before the hairdressers will be open again.

Buying – Not a lot! I’ve committed to the next few months of only buying clothing with a Good rating on Good on You so I’ve only bought a few bodysuits and pairs of tights from Boody. Highly recommended. Oh and skincare from The Ordinary. I do proper grown-up skincare now.

Watching – Well considering watching Veronica Mars. I didn’t watch it the first time around but I’ve been told I’d love it. So it’s on the list. Although I’ve been told I’d love Buffy and I’ve tried to watch it but it’s never really stuck… isn’t it weird when everyone tells you they think you’d like a thing and you just can’t get into it?

Hoping – I can get better sleep – I slept really badly during the first lot of restrictions and now most of them are back I’m waking up a lot during the night again. Stress sleep sucks but it’s the new normal so I’m just going to have to get on with it.

Marveling – At the audacity of people refusing to wear masks, skipping borders and running around town after testing positive to Covid. What the actual ever-loving fuck is going on? I just don’t understand how people end up like this. It’s a virus mate, it doesn’t care about your liberty. Mask up, chump. For real.

Cringing – At the moment last week where I tried to call Harriet ‘Grizzle Snitch’ which is a character from School of Roars (a show we sometimes watch) and I accidentally called her ‘Grizzle Bitch’. Best parent ever right?

Needing – To get some swimmers (Hats will start lessons as soon they open again) and I just can’t decide. I love these from Salt Gypsy (totally ethical) but they’re exxy and made to order and I’m not sure I can take that risk. I don’t really have a body that works with online shopping. Hmmmm…

Questioning – Why I am so shit at selling things. I love creating things and giving them away but I’m rubbish at asking for money for them. I do it sometimes – with Crochet Coach – but even then I don’t pimp it much. It’s an interesting thing isn’t it? Perhaps it’s because I’m an old school blogger and back in the day you never sold things. You did everything for free and relied on ads as payment. That model no longer works as effectively but I just can’t transition into selling my stuff. Must work on that.

Smelling –  My daughter. Sometimes when she’s on my lap and I’m reading her a book, I just nuzzle my face into her neck and breathe. Sometimes she smacks me away and other times she tolerates it but I just love her smell. It’s so calming. I love the dense weight of her little body next to me and when she absentmindedly strokes my arm. She’s heaven.

Wearing – Bodysuits. I bought one from Boody a few months ago and promptly wore it every single day for like a month until I bought another one. I wear them under everything for extra warmth. Can’t recommend them enough.

Noticing – How much better I’m getting at pushups. I’ve sucked at these for my entire adult life and one of my gym trainers is coaching me on how to do them properly and get better at them. And I really am getting better at them!

Knowing – At the end of the day, if my family is safe, that’s the most important thing. I tell myself that every night before I go to sleep. Any day that ends with us all being healthy and well is a good day.

Thinking – Of setting up a proper sewing table at home – if I can find the room! I’ve been dabbling in sewing for years and the biggest barrier I have is setting up and packing away the machine and not having a dedicated space for it. I want to make a belted winter version of this dress to start with. 

Admiring – Dan Andrews, VIC premier. He’s doing a stellar job and has been slapped with so much bullshit and blame. Poor dude. He’s looking so tired and run down. He deserves a holiday.

Getting – Itchy to do some travel. We were so great with traveling with Hats when she was little to get her used to it I’m worried we’re going to undo all our good work.

Bookmarking – Everything on The Cut. It’s just all very sensible and excellent. 

Opening – Blocks of Equal Sugar-Free Chocolate. It’s the best low carb chocolate around – doesn’t taste like dirt or aspartame.

Closing – The door on a few copywriting services I used to offer that I don’t like doing anymore. It’s a lucrative service but I really hate it so it’s got to go. I’m terrible at turning down work so this is a big step for me.

Feeling – Okay. Up and down. Deep in survival mode but feeling very lucky. Swings and roundabouts.

Hearing – Owls! They have a bit of a hoot at sunset and if we’re outside and Harriet hears it she goes ‘Owl! Hoo! Hoo!’ – she’s a delight.

Celebrating – Not a lot – a few birthdays over Skype, a few pregnancies, and births. From afar. Sigh.

Pretending – We’re supporting the local businesses by getting a cookie with our coffee but really we just want the cookie.

Embracing – This year of nothingness. We’ve been busier than ever with work and looking after our kid but since Hats was born and during this pandemic I’m more comfortable with sitting still than I ever have been in my life. I’m very okay with not achieving things right now and that’s a first for me.

Also today’s episode of Straight & Curly is now live – you can listen to it here.


What’s happening with you? Anything exciting?

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