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7 Ways To Be Happier Without Taking Up Too Much of Your Time and Energy

Be Happier

It’s probably safe to say we could all be happier these days. Lots of happiness and mental health experts say that happiness is a choice, not a destination and while that may true in some cases (and a really awful thing to say in a lot of other cases), it’s a choice that requires a lot of work in the current climate and you know what? We’re all too freaking tired.

If you’ve found that happiness used to come to you accidentally but it’s been a while since you felt the pure sunshine of joy, you might need to give it a bit of a kick start.

Here are 7 ways to be happier… without taking up too much of your time or energy.

1. Be generous

Did you know that being generous can make you less anxious? Shut up and take my money. Literally. Here are a few ways you can be generous.

2. Sleep

We all KNOW how important sleep is but it’s even more complicated than that. There’s research that shows how poor sleep can lead to weight gain, increased levels of stress and it can even shorten your life expectancy. Yikes. As if insomnia isn’t bad enough on its own it’ll also make you die young. Great.

Here are a few blog posts I’ve written that might help you improve your sleep. If you have bona fide insomnia, none of this will help. Sorry, sports fans. If you simply need a kick up the butt to refine your sleep hygiene, these posts are a great place to get started.

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3. Be curious

Did you know that curiosity can reduce your stress levels?

It also just generally makes you a more awesome person. Here are a few ways to be curious.

4. Buy experiences not stuff 

I can definitely feel a shift in the general psyche when it comes to spending money. Most people are downsizing, buying quality over quantity and coveting superior items that will last a lifetime over cheap thrills. Here are few things to save your pennies for… when you may be allowed to do them again.

5. Read 

Not only does reading strengthen your brain, it improves your memory, makes you more empathetic and it increases your vocabulary. A lot of people struggle to find the time though. Here are a few ways you can fit it in.

6. Choose joy

Obviously this is easier said than done in a lot of cases and if you have a genuine chemical imbalance, none of this stuff is going to help, but you already knew that. If you DO have the option to choose joy, I say give it a red hot go! Here’s how to choose joy.

7. Move

Exercise not only decreases your risk of premature death and cardiovascular disease it’s also a proven mood booster. But you don’t have to slog it out at the gym 7 days a week with Ripped Ricky (I made him up) to get these benefits. Here are a few ways you can work more movement into your day.

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