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7 Things I’m Loving Sick Right Now

7 Things I’m Loving Sick Right Now
Carly Jacobs

Buckle up buttercup, I’m about to get to pretty smug. I’m not super into big noting myself – I’m Australian. Self-deprecation is our main form of communication. HOWEVER when I’m rad at something, I’ll admit it. Like growing excellent eyebrows and doing a perfect Miranda Sings impersonation. One of my other (to be honest less impressive) superpowers is finding awesome things. I research hard and I fail fast which means most of the stuff I buy/watch/read is pretty great and if it’s not, I’ll tell you.

I have a running list I keep on my phone of Things My Readers Might Like and when there’s about 7 of them on that list I whack them in a blog post for your enjoyment.

This is the latest list. Book mark it. So when you’re looking for something to do/drink/watch/read you’ll be like ‘Oh Smags had some cool ideas…’. You’re welcome.

loving sick

1. Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Beer

I generally only drink red wine, even in summer but if it’s above 30 degrees the thought of sipping on a hot glass of cab sav makes me want to heave. My favourite alternative is Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb. I’m not going to bore you with calorie/carb information – you can read it yourself on the side of the six pack – but they’re super refreshing, pretty innocuous on the health scale and it doesn’t feel like you’ve drunk a liquid loaf of bread after you’ve had one or two. Winner.

loving sick

2. Walking on Sunshine 

This is more of an un-recommendation and I don’t feel great about recommending something I thought was terrible for the pure pleasure of revelling in it’s terribleness BUT it has a 31% rating on Rotten Tomatoes so… that makes it fine? Maybe? I caught this one afternoon when I was trapped inside during the awful Christmas bushfires and it totally took my mind of everything. It was such a delicious train-wreck. If you love movies that are poorly directed and have very questionable plot lines (Crossroads anyone?), this should be next on your watch list. The cast are actually okay and it has a massive budget and a fantastic soundtrack so it’s really confusing to watch. I couldn’t look away. Also when you watch it count how many scenes end with someone falling accidentally and hilariously into a pool – I counted six.

loving sick

3. Missing Cryptoqueen 

This is an excellent podcast about a woman who created a crypto-currency (like Bitcoin), somehow managed to turn it into a form of MLM (multi level marketing – like Avon) and then disappeared off the face of the earth. The weirdest part is that her super dodgy crypto-currency is still operational despite the fact that it’s not a real currency. Very fascinating podcast. It’s created by the BBC so you know it’s legit.

loving sick

4. On Being a God in Central Florida 

We stumbled upon this one night on TV and it’s fantastic. It’s about MLM in Florida in the 90s and it stars Kirsten Dunst. It’s dark and weird and thoroughly fantastic. You can stream it on SBS now if you’re in Australia. I’m on a real MLM kick at the moment. I’m also on a major Kirsten Dunst kick. I will watch anything she is in.

loving sick

5. The Morning Show

It’s actually called Morning Wars in Australia because we HAVE a show called The Morning Show but you get the drift. It’s loosely based on the story of Matt Lauer, host of The Today Show whose long running career was cut short because of sexual assault allegations… but it’s also based on pretty much every production company ever and the toxic culture that allows men to sexually assault women without even really understanding that’s what they’re doing. It’s a really great watch, the cast is fantastic and the writers delve into really uncomfortable places and shed light on a lot of grey areas that need addressing. We talked about this show for days after we watched it. Highly recommend.

6. Keto Pad Thai

Gnom-gnom is one of my favourite Keto websites and I discovered this Keto Pad Thai recipe this summer and I bloody love it. Konjac noodles have come a long way in the last few years and this almost tastes like the real thing.

loving sick

7. Undressed

This is a free to air show on SBS and it’s on usually late at night and it’s extremely addictive. Basically they get two single people, get them to take off their clothes and spend half an hour getting to know each other in a bed. Then at the end of half hour they choose if they want to see each other again. For a reality show it’s weirdly not sensational and there’s Australian, UK and Italian versions. Top tip – watch the Italian one. They are brutally honest and it’s hilarious.

That’s it!

What are you loving sick at the moment?

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  1. Rachael 4 years ago

    I just finished watching On becoming a god last night and I loved it! SBS has some great shows out, have you seen Years and Years? Thanks for your recommendations. Your writing is delightful to read!

  2. Christina Atkin 4 years ago

    Which konjac noodles do you use – Slendier? x

  3. Dawn 4 years ago

    I live in Orlando! How have I not heard of becoming a god in central Florida? I will have to check that out! Thanks!

  4. Amy 4 years ago

    Have you listed to The Dream podcast about MLM’s? I have a feeling you’d love. They are now doing a season on the wellness industry.

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