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3 Reasons Why Jumpsuits Are Rad… and 2 Reasons Why They Suck

3 Reasons Why Jumpsuits Are Rad… and 2 Reasons Why They Suck
Carly Jacobs

Every few years (although not in the last few years because I’ve been lazy) I run a survey here at Smaggle to ask what my readers like. Most people say #sleeptalkingboyfriend (Mr Smaggle used to say weird shit in his sleep like ‘I have a goat called Terrance. I’m going to make a curry out of him. Mmmmm… Slaughterhouse Terrance.’) but everyone’s second favourite thing is recommendations.

I frequently get people sending me emails about stuff they bought on my recommendation and it absolutely makes my day.

a) Because I’m a giant tight ass and getting me to part with my money is like trying to pry a gun out of Charlton Heston’s hands which means I take purchasing decisions very seriously.

b) It makes me sound like an influenc-ahhhh which I’m totally not but if I can help people buy good stuff that’s great. #influencer #youvebeeninfluenced



So I, a previously self-proclaimed pants-hater has recently fallen deeply in love with jumpsuits. Mainly jumpsuits from Sussan and Dotti to be exact. I love linen, cotton or natural fibre blend jumpsuits that I can wear a bra under. That’s pretty much the only criteria.

I recently bought this boiler suit from Sussan and I really love it. It’s ultra-comfortable, breathable and when I wear it with a headscarf I totally look like Rosie the Riveter which pleases me greatly.

Here’s why jumpsuits are rad.

1. They’re a no brainer outfit 

They’re like dresses. You don’t even have to think about it or match it to anything. It’s a one-stop style shop.

2. They are so freaking comfortable 

For real. I could nap in any one of my jumpsuits. Not that I spent any time at all napping (I have an 11-month-old) but it’s nice to have the option.

3. They’re weirdly flattering on almost everyone 

I’m the owner of a very long torso but I’ve found that if I size up to a 16 (I’m normally a 14) there’s just enough extra room for my Shetland pony style midsection without causing any camel-toe at all. Ace.


Reasons why jumpsuits suck…

1. You’re either wearing it or you’re not 

I went to get laser hair removal the other day and I usually keep the area that’s not being lasered covered but you don’t really have a choice with a jumpsuit. Yeah, you can kind of roll down the top and just wear the pants but they have zero structural integrity so they just fall down. Best go with separates if you need to get a little bit naked to avoid getting A LOT naked.

2. Hard to keep off public toilet floors 

The worst part is when you go to public toilets and you kind of have to hold the jumpsuit off the floor while you pee to stop it from touching the disgusting tiles. Not ideal.

Also there’s a new episode of Straight & Curly out this week! It’s all about making good decisions when you’re tired, anxious or depressed. Hint: Give it time!

This week has been unbelievably hectic. We’ve got a lot of travel coming up in the next few weeks, a family wedding, lots of work between the two of us and smack bang in the middle of it all our little Hattie Bear turns 1! Huzzah!

Oh also I made rhubarb ginger jam and it was so easy but I’m still bragging about it to anyone who will listen. I even sealed it properly in my new Vacola canning bath. Let me know if you want to hear more about my preserving/canning/jam making. I suspect everyone in my family/immediate friendship group is going to get super sick of my chutneys and pickles.

Do you own any jumpsuits at all? Or am I on my own in this new obsession? Also, what are you up to? How are things with you?

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  1. Kimberley 4 years ago

    I have two! From emmylou loves and i love them but they’re polyester which was great travelling cause it meant no ironing but i love the idea of a linen jumpsuit! Consider me influenced!

  2. Hailz 4 years ago

    I love a jumpsuit too! I hacked one that has a double layer up top so I can breastfeed in it – handy! From Zion have a fab jumpsuit at the moment, you can tie the top multiple ways <3

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