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11 Things I’ve Bought Recently That I Really Like

11 Things I’ve Bought Recently That I Really Like
Carly Jacobs
not perfect linen jumpsuit review

I hate spending money and I’ve never been much of a pleasure shopper. Parting with my hard earned cash just doesn’t feel good to me. Even worse is when I spend money on something and I totally regret it. Like those skinny jeans I knew weren’t quite right or that floaty dress that actually was a little too boho but I lied to myself and bought it anyway. Don’t you hate that?

I reckon it’s super helpful when people share the stuff they’ve bought and have experienced zero buyer’s remorse over so here’s a list of things I’ve bought recently that have made me go ‘I’m SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS!!!!’. 

allbirds review

1. Allbirds sneakers

I’ve been a Nike gal for years but I’m slowly trying to buy more ethical clothing and I vowed my next pair of sneakers would be Allbirds. Honestly, they are pretty ace. Here’s a few things you should know.

  • I got the black on black Tree Dashers.
  • I bought a size 9 and they’re perfect – *DISCLAIMER* I consistently see internet people and popular search engines talking shit about how US sizes are half a size different to Australian ones but this has never (not once) been accurate for me. I’m always a size 9 no matter what. By all means Google, measure your foot, email the customer service department to get your correct size but no shit, in my experience US and AUS sizes are identical. Maybe I have magical adjustable feet. Who knows?
  • I’m not a runner outside of some light jogging/sprinting as part of a HIIT class. These runners are perfect for bootcamp style classes but I can’t vouch for them as actual runners because I hate distance running and may never do it again in my life. I haven’t decided yet. I’m not saying they’re not great for running (they might be!) I just can’t personally vouch for that. They’re great for burpies and mountain climbers though.
  • Yes they are ‘real sneakers’ – I asked if anyone could recommend them in a Facebook group I’m in and some random Snarky Sally wrote ‘LOL. Allbirds are dress sneakers, you’re not supposed to work out in them! LOL!’ – Listen here Snarky, a) There’s no such as thing as ‘dress sneakers’. That’s like saying ‘wedding jeans’ or ‘formal thongs’. b) You’re wrong, you totally can and should work out in them.

All in all, I’m stoked with my sneakers and will definitely wear them until they fall apart and then buy the same ones again. If you’re in the market for new sneakers, give these ones a whirl.

revitafoam review

2. Revitafoam 

I kind of loosely follow the Curly Girl method but I mix up products all the time. I recently grabbed this at Priceline because I needed a new leave in conditioner and thought this one looked interesting. Let me tell you, it’s been a game changer. I’ve never used a foam or mousse leave in before and I think I’ve found the holy grail of hair products for me. I have fine hair, I just have a lot of it so it’s easy for it to get weighed down with heavy creams so I’ve kind of been living with dry-ish hair because I prefer volume over moisture but this stuff gives me both. I refresh every 2 days or so with some water and another pump of Revitafoam and my hair is looking the best it has in years. Love it.

ikea backpack review

3. Ikea Backpack 

So this is a backpack/tote bag but I use it as a backpack. I grabbed this on impulse when I was at Ikea in Canberra a few weeks ago and it’s now my handbag. If you have children under the age of say 5, a backpack is essential. Regular handbags are dead to me for the time being. It’s all about the freedom of a backpack. I need my hands free to steer my kid away from cars, pick her up if she wants ‘kudos’ (cuddles) and to stop her from pashing every dog we meet in the street. It’s very light weight and has a waterproof lining so I can chuck baby wipes and a half eaten banana in there without a worry. It also turns into a tote bag. Can highly recommend.

breville smart grill review

4. Breville Smart Grill  

We bought this to replace our old gift BBQ because when laid flat, it has the same surface area as a decent BBQ. Doesn’t that blow your mind? We’ve since replaced all our pans with this and we make eggs, mushrooms and bacon on it most days. We also do chicken, tofu and steaks – there’s a probe you can use that cooks everything to perfection. We pretty much haven’t used our oven or stove top since we bought it and we use it outside as a BBQ too. It was a weird, rogue kitchen choice but we have no regrets. Just something to consider if you’re looking at a BBQ/grill upgrade.

Toshi hat review

5. Toshi Kids Hats

I got given a hand me down Toshi Hat from a friend of mine when my daughter was tiny and I’m so glad I did because they’re the only hats we have for her now. They have a drawstring around the head and under the chin so they’re basically impossible to get off. They’re also soft so you can shove them in a bag and they have a huge wide brim for extra sun protection. They also wash and wear beautifully. Perfect for kids who are so pale they almost don’t exist – like our own little translucent vampire child. If you’re looking for a good quality hat for little ones, this is what you’re looking for. They also have lovely, stylish patterns.

Everlane square neck jumpsuit review

6. Everlane Square Neck Linen Jumpsuit 

I’m having a fairly intense (and what I assume will be everlasting) love affair with jumpsuits right now and this is easily one of my favourites. Super comfortable, looks really stylish and it’s easy to get in and out of (you just pull it up and down). If you’re jumpsuit curious, this one is an excellent place to start.

not perfect linen jumpsuit review

7. Not Perfect Linen Tapered Leg Wrap Jumpsuit 

I’d been seeing NPL popping up all over Instagram amongst the linen/clog/statement earring wearing influencer set and they have a ‘Good’ rating on Good On You so I was keen to get something from them. I got a tapered leg wrap jumpsuit and I bloody love it. I’ve worn it a few times now I’ve been complimented on it every single time. I’m definitely going to get a wide leg version next time too. It’s beautifully made too. I see many more NPL pieces in my future.

Kester black lipstick review

8. Kester Black Lipstick 

I cannot express to you how much I love these lipsticks. I have First Date (an every day light link colour) and Pep Talk (more fuchsia) and I wear them all the time. They’re matte, long lasting, breathable and very wearable. That’s all I have to say – these lipsticks are awesome.

yoconut Aldi yogurt

9. Yoconut coconut yogurt from Aldi 

If you’ve been reading here for a while you’ll know I have this totally weird thing where if I regularly have diary yogurt or milk my period pain gets really bad. That’s sounds bat-shit bananas and very woo but I’ve been experimenting with this for years and it’s totally true. I have almond milk in my coffee and coconut yogurt when it’s not too expensive. The Aldi stuff is great – affordable and yummy. Definitely worth a try if dairy is giving you a bit of grief.

slendier black bean spaghetti review

10. Slendier Black Bean Spaghetti  

We eat high fat low carb in our house but sometimes you just need some noodles you know? These ones are lowish carb (if you’re on a super low carb diet they’re not appropriate but if you’re a bit loose, they’re totally fine!). I make a peanut satay tofu dish with this spaghetti that is delicious. My daughter hates it but she hates also hates chicken so don’t trust her. What kind of 2 year old doesn’t like chicken? Most parents I know are trying to get their toddlers eat anything besides chicken. Little weirdo.

tangle teaser brush review

11. Tangle Teaser Brush 

I originally bought this for our kid because she screams blue murder every time I touch her hair despite the fact that it is fairly straight and easy to manage but the whole family has started using this brush. I use it to co-wash my hair and give a scalp massage and my partner uses it because he likes scratching his head with it. We’ve had much less complaints when doing our kids hair in the morning and washing it since we got this brush. Can definitely recommend.

What things have you bought recently that you absolutely love? Let me know in the comments!

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